Nissan are one of the UEFA Champion’s League headline sponsors. After their 1st year of sponsorship, they realised that they needed to really connect with football fans across Europe to get the most from their UCL sponsorship. So they got in touch with us...

Our objective was to:

  • Get Nissan’s relationship with a UK football audience to a point where fans would miss them if they weren’t there.
  • Bring to life the Nissan brand promise via UCL-based content
  • Create and drive audiences to Nissan’s social platforms and GOTW


We created a 14 part branded content series: “Away Days”, hitting the road to follow every game week of the 2015/16 UCL competition. 

Deliberately designed to be about more than just football games, Away Days told the unique story of the culture of away fans. The experience of being an away fan, going to European games with a small number of super passionate and well travelled fans. The camaraderie, the songs, the banter; the sights, smells and sounds of travel.

The series had its main home on YouTube but was created to work across all channels - delivering bespoke content when, where and how fans want it: from live Snapchat reporting from the stands to epic crowd scenes on Instagram. 


6.7 million digital brand impressions

5.4 million cross platform views

447k cross platform engagements