Hyundai has furthered its relationship with Copa90 by partnering with them on the Fan Film Fund. The series gives fans the opportunity to see football stories of their choice turned into documentaries by young filmmakers. It is designed to help Hyundai create a meaningful relationship with fans in a non-tournament year, whilst empowering young creative talent and has seen great success to date.

- Over 1 million series views with each video receiving, on average,almost 700,000 minutes watched and the series receiving over 3.5million minutes of views, the equivalent of six and a half years of viewing time!

-  A 7.15% organic engagement rate which surpasses 1.28% the average engagement rate of the top four most subscribed football YouTube channels, over the last 90 days.

- A 99% ‘like’ to ‘dislike’ ratio on YouTube and almost 1,000 shares 

-  8 times more shares than Hyundai and Copa90’s World Cup 2014 series: World Cup Taxi, proving that connecting with a passionate global audience over a long term drives deeper engagement


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